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Judith Andresen wird auf dem ProductCamp Berlin darüber sprechen, warum Organisationen häufig Schwierigkeiten haben, der Forderung "Release early, release often" nachzukommen.

"Release early, release often!" It's not easy to fulfill this demand. While analyzing, why teams are not able to ship quickly and often, we find answers like: "The IT isn't able to ship early. They work too complicated." and "The management doesn't believe in agile product management. They don't dare to ship early."

These sentences are treacherous. These arguments include the word "they" instead of "we". They are indicators for a blame culture. A common understanding of the product strategy and an idea of "We are working together for a great product" is missing.

Judith Andresen pleads for a real "we" in a fast product development.

Die BERATUNG JUDITH ANDRESEN unterstützt das ProductCamp Berlin als Sponsor. Das PM Camp Berlin ist eine Unkonferenz für Produktmanager und -managerinnen. Keynote auf dem ProductCamp Berlin am 17. Oktober 2015| Weitere Vorträge in der Vortragsübersicht

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