Preparing the event (3 months before)

Task   in Hamburg
Announce sponsors / gifts Books
Organize the "coffee breaks" (prepare coffee, tea, water, juice, lemonade, cookies, cakes, bagels, the foyer) Ask "Hinrich's boys"
Organize insurance for organizing team ("Veranstalterhaftpflicht") Ask Judith -> Itzehoer Versicherungen
If you "earn" money with the Unconference... define what to do with it... Free Software Foundation Europe
Announce decision in your event blog!
Video-/Audio-/Podcasts What do we want to do? Organize technical equipment. Only Audiocast? - it's easier....
Official Announcement in the event blog, on several mailing lists, event calendars, mailing lists: PHP UG Hamburg, MySQL UG Hamburg, University Hamburg, Jetztwerk; direct informations for all lectures at the university Hamburg;;
inform PHP UG Hamburg periodically about the event
Personal invitation of "interesting" speakers