(Text by Ulf Wendel)

It is getting summer in Germany: let’s have a PHP BBQ tour! The PHP BBQ tour is one week tour from Monday, 15.06. - Sunday, 21.06.2009 visiting the german PHP user groups. The tour will go through Munich, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Dortmund and Hamburg. The tour is an offering and a suggestion to the user group to come together for a barbecue instead of meeting in conference rooms in the middle of the summer, when the days are long. Everybody is invited to join me and other MySQLers on the tour to visit the PHP user group in his neighbor town.

Monday 15.06. Munich
Tuesday 16.06. Frankfurt
Wednesday 17.06. Karlsruhe
Thursday 18.06. Berlin
Friday 19.06. Dortmund
Saturday 20.06. Hamburg
Sunday 21.06. Kiel

Please check the MySQL Forge Wiki page for details: and check you local user group mailing list. The wiki page will be updated frequently and give more details as soon as possible.

What it is
During the past weeks I have contacted several user groups and proposed to have a barbecue during a regular user group meeting. The feedback has been positive as you can see above. The barbecue shall be in no way significantly different from any regular user group meeting. Whoever organizes the meeting, sets the rules.

As a member of the Sun/MySQL Connectors team, working on the PHP, C++ and drivers for MySQL, I can offer to give a presentation MySQL topics at the evening or be just around. If you would like to hear a presentation on a certain topic, please let me know. I may be able to find some good presenters for you. Giving a presentation, however, is not a must.

Several MySQLers and Sunnies already promised to come to some of the meetings: Kaj Arnö, Giuseppe Maxia, Lenz Grimmer, Georg Richter, Johannes Schlüter, David Soria Parra, … Lenz plans to join the tour for several days.

Because it is fun! Because it is a good opportunity to raise attention for the amazingly vivid meet ups. Because it is a wonderful opportunity to get in touch.

From Munich to Kiel
The first BBQ will be in Munich on Monday (15.06.). It will be organized by Mayflower/thinkPHP. The last BBQ will take place in Kiel (21.06) during the Kieler Woche - the biggest summer festival in northern Europe.