Announcement | ConFoo in Feb. 2013

The ConFoo.ca is a non for profit, multi-technology conference - and the largest conference on Web development in North America. I am going to give two talks at the ConFoo (Feb, 25th - Mar, 1st): 

Interdisciplinary Success of Projects

While discussing details on agile project methods only a few people recognized, that IT changed the way projects are executed. But the goal conflict between IT, Marketing & business still exists.

Title Page
Title Page

The talk shows a way to define shared business objectives and how to form a successful project culture in your company.

Project communication: News from Another Planet

The communication between clients, project managers and developers is often difficulty. Asked for objectives & status, they will often give completely different answers. 

Title Page of the Presentation
Title Page

The talk explains communication based on the 4-sides-model and explains the different project roles and their aims.

Establishing understanding will lead to successful projects.

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