Agile on the Beach | Open Communication Wins!

The majority of all IT projects fail. They ship too late, are over budget or come with a lack of quality.

Studies show: They don’t fail because of missing technical knowledge. The failure is a consequence of missing communication and / or miscommunication.

The requirements are unclear, the change requests are even more unclear. The team doesn’t discuss emerging issues properly. Some team members recognize errors and but they do not name them, because they fear suffering disadvantages.

  • How can we establish an open conversation about the project aim and the progress of the project?
  • What do I have to do?
  • What should I expect from my team members?

What are our first steps into an open and fair communication, so that we are able to deliver our projects with success?

Presentation at "Agile on the Beach" | More Presentations in the Presentation Overview

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